Beautiful, abrasive, and abrupt.

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    Tagged: the song of any of my breakups lol

    To many jumbled thoughts on that shit, never again


    I just wanna know if Lori is in to meh


    Tagged: i thijk so but she loves her gorl to death like I so

    This stuff has make me feel like I could die any sec or that my head is far in the clouds and that he’s touching me but like I’m hardly scared which never happenes.
    I want more but I also want to be dead but I’ll be okay lindsay


    I took a p fucked up thing toiniht


    and the similarities of psychotic girls in our lives omfg.

    my cougar crush is right, I won’t want to know her in five years bc *fucked up*


    "It was selfish of me to say that you never loved me. But it was just as selfish of you to pretend that you ever did."
    Small conversations, #17 (via mostlyfiction)




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